Tuesday, March 31, 2009

John Hartford - Mark Twang

I recently wrote a loving tribute to one of the great albums by one of the all-time great bluegrass artists, John Hartford. The write-up of Mark Twang can be found here, on jambase.com. If you are not familiar with John Hartford and like bluegrass music, then you are doing yourself a large disservice by not checking this master out.

Hartford always had a flair for the irreverent. We leave with a reefer-inspired blessing of Hartford's, known as the track "The Lowest Pair" on Mark Twang:

Much further out than inevitable
Halloween is thy game.
Sky king has come and Wilma's done,
Uncertain as it is uneven.
Give us today hours devours in bed
As we forgive those that have dressed up against us
And need us not enter inflation,
But her liver, onions and potatoes.
For wine is a shingle
And a more, and a story for your father.
All right!

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