Friday, December 11, 2009

Keller Williams Review -

I just reviewed a performance of Keller Williams, the multi-instrumentalist virtuoso hippie one-man-band. His acoustic guitar playing is astounding, but some of the effect is lost to his flippy-dippy vocals and silly demeanor. Regardless, he is unapologetic about his musical personality, and wears it with pride on his sleeve. And whether you like his songs or not, the man can rip it up on acoustic. Here's my take on his show:

Keller Williams :: 11.21.09 :: Great American Music Hall :: San Francisco, CA

To give a sense of his stage skills, here are two very different clips which showcase different sides of his performance. This version of "Best Feeling" showcases his pure instrumental virtuosity, and is also one of his better songs:

On the flip-side of the spectrum, this version of "More Than A Little" is a great example of how he uses his looping skills to lay down some funky dance-party beats:

All and all, the guy puts on one hell of a show.