Friday, March 16, 2012

Railroad Earth Review -

In what proved to be an extra-special night of music, the road-tested acoustic gang of virtuosos known as Railroad Earth took a sold-out crowd at The Fillmore on an epic journey. They were helped out by an extra set of hands in the guise of one Mr. Phil Lesh, and together they took us into the outer regions of music and back again. This was one special concert, and I can't wait to catch them at this year's High Sierra Music Fest. Here's my write-up of the night over at Jambase:

If you're interested in hearing the entire show, a great audience recording is available for streaming/download over at It was one to remember, to be sure.

The band opened with "Bird in a House," a lovely little ditty.

Sometime later, we were treated to an epic, loving reading of "Terrapin Station," helped out by his Phillness himself. This one is a must-hear: