Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bill Frisell Review -

I first discovered the guitar mastery of Bill Frisell last summer at the High Sierra Music Festival when he played an impressionistic, mind-blowing set in the midst of a scorching, 90 degree-plus day. This time around, seeing him was an altogether different experience.

Frisell has teamed up with filmmaker Bill Morrison, crafting a live soundtrack to Morrison's film about the 1927 Mississippi River Flood Disaster.  The performance was pretty astonishing in its emotional resonance --  Frisell is truly a master at crafting lush soundscapes with his rich, resonant guitar tone. Here's my take on the experience over at Jambase:

Bill Frisell :: 04.21.12 :: Herbst Theatre :: San Francisco, CA

Here's a little taste of what the experience was like. Archival footage combined with Frisell's liquid music-making made for quite the perfect match: