Monday, May 23, 2011

Lettuce / Soulive Review -

Need some greasy funk in your life? Look no further than Lettuce, the supergroup of all-star virtuosos which is guaranteed to slap you upside yo' head with a heavy dose of syncopated party groove. Lettuce recently headlined the Fillmore, sharing a triple-bill of epic proportions with Jazz-Funk trio Soulive and drummer extraordinaire Adam Deitch's Break Science. The coverage of this extravaganza is over at Jambase:

Here's a great clip of Soulive rockin' their Beatles medley. "She's So Heavy" is mutha-pluckin' heavy indeed:

There are a million clips of Lettuce getting dirty in your face, but this one from JazzFest 2010 gives a fine sense of the infectiousness of their grooves:

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