Sunday, April 17, 2011

Beastie Boys - Essential Mix

So who's excited about the Beastie Boys' new album? Coming a full seven years after their last proper hip-hop album (a long time even for them), Hot Sauce Committee Pt. 2 is a much welcomed return to form for these three pioneers of cool, especially as Adam Yauch is coming off of a battle with throat cancer. To have these guys still making super-fresh beats in their 40s is certainly something we can all be thankful for, here on this first night of Pesach.

It seems like every time the Beasties release an album, it's considered a comeback of sorts, as their albums come so few and far between over the past fifteen years or so. And now that these guys are back in the collective consciousness, it's time to dust off all those old classics, which I know have fallen off my radar over the past few years. So now I'm inclined to revisit their discography, and re-discovering heaps of gems: deep album cuts and B-sides which don't always make it on to the typical Beastie playlist. Predictably, I've made a mix compiling the best of these "lost" Beastie tracks for your listening pleasure. This compilation is chock-full of obscure pop culture references, sliced-and-diced funky fresh beats, and of course, enough doodie rhymes to keep your body movin' for the rest of the day.

Beastie Boys - Essential Mix

1. Skills To Pay The Bills
2. The Grasshopper Unit (Keep Movin')
3. Beastie Groove
4. Unite
5. Stand Together
6. Flute Loop
7. Shadrach
8. Triple Trouble
9. Hey Ladies (Green Lantern Mix)
10. The Scoop
11. Alive
12. Oh Word?
13. Putting Shame In Your Game
14. Finger Lickin' Good
15. Now Get Busy
16. The Move
17. Shazam!
18. Car Thief
19. Boomin' Granny (ridiculous)
20. Professor Booty
21. Alright Hear This
22. The Brouhaha
23. Time To Get Ill
24. Rock Hard

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