Thursday, February 24, 2011

Little Dragon Review - Glide Magazine

The Swedes were recently in town to bring us into their musical world a few weeks ago, and a sold-out crowd at the Independent was there to soak up every second of it. Little Dragon is a strange little band that excels in synthy, detached pop, and though their live show left a bit to be desired, their music as a while is thoroughly unique and worth seeking out.

Amidst all the bloops and bleeps was the soaring voice of Yukimi Nagano, who's melodies soared over the weirdness of the music. At their best, Little Dragon make you feel like you're floating around in a frigid deep space party -- it's funky, but spacious and cold as ice.

Here's the write-up at Glide:

One of their best tunes is "Runabout," and this performance gives a good sense of the unique qualities this band has to offer:

"My Step" included some nice Prince-like synths in there, too:

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