Monday, May 17, 2010

RIP, Dio

Today, Ronnie James Dio died of stomach cancer. He will be missed. Dio was one of the best Heavy Metal vocalists that ever lived, belting out lead vocals and hitting the high notes every time with a powerful tremolo. Along with Robert Plant, he was the one responsible for imbuing Hard Rock and Metal music with mythological tales of witchcraft and medieval lore. He was responsible for Black Sabbath's 80's comeback, and helped the world realize that Ozzy really did have a shitty voice, if you think about it. He was also one homely mofo. Which made him all that more awesome onstage, belting it out while wearing a big cross and leather. Also, he invented the devil horns hand sign, for god's sake!

Here he rocks out as lead singer of Richie Blackmore's Rainbow in 1977.

But he was certainly most badass in the frontman role for Sabbath.

He had that voice to the end, hitting every note with gusto, and still playing with Sabbath (now called Heaven and Hell so as to not piss Ozzy off).

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