Friday, January 11, 2008

The Start of The Tube

To begin my narcissistic digression into blogging, I want to start by clearing the wax out of my thoughts, so the flame can once again burn clean and evenly. While I have been in a stagnant ass groove for a while, all placid plaid and smoke in a sagged, too-comfy couch, I will now try to get mentally active again. This takes discipline, as it is all to easy to get into the routine of routine.

When beginning a new lifestyle approach even as seemingly slight as this one, it is important to make an active effort to start new habits, even if there is nothing to provoke them but your own restlessness. These may include push-ups, green tea, and smelling salts all on a regular basis.

The contents of this blog are only limited to my own aimless tube of thoughts. This mostly includes music and all things related, though it is not limited to anything. The one guarantee is that it will
all MATTER in some way.

Or it could turn into a junkyard of discarded thoughts. Hopefully not, though.

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